Diving Services

We offer a wide range of diving services to fit all your underwater construction and maintenance needs. As industry regulations have evolved over time, we have refined our dive procedures and have become exceptionally efficient.

Aquaculture Construction
& Maintenance

We have specialized in the aquaculture industry for the last 27 years. From regular maintenance inspections to large projects with our clients and other contractors, we do it all.

Vessel & Barge
Inspection & Maintenance

Our services include: ultrasonic thickness testing, barnacle busting for ships husbandry, propeller, sea chest, and anode inspections.

Underwater Welding
& Construction Diving

Look no further for all of your marine construction diving needs. We perform water tower cleaning, underwater welding of zincs and sheet pilings, underwater hydraulic tool services such as chainsaws, drilling, and much more.

pressure washing
Underwater Pressure Washing

Using dual thrust wands and large Jetstream pressure washer machines, allows our divers to remain stationary and maximizes production.

Dock install
Dock Installation & Inspection

Trust us to inspect mooring lines, chains & shackles, and much more. Our many years of expertise help to decipher what requires repair, and what does not, ensuring a cost-effective solution.

Underwater Surveying
We produce hydrographic surveys as part of the data collection process required for marine infrastructure or dredging projects.
Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

We use a light inspection class ROV for all underwater inspections, which provides a live video feed from divers to the surface.

Marine Salvage & Recovery

Using lift bags, and other negative buoyancy methods, we offer services for shipwreck salvage, rescue and removal of wrecked ships and beached vessels.

Cable laying
Underwater Cable Installation

We have vast experience with all types of power and fibre optic cables. Our divers use industry standard equipment to place new cable, and to verify the location of existing underwater cables that may need repair.

Our Process

It's Easy to Work with Us


Requirements Discovery

During our initial discussion, we clarify your goals and get a good idea of the project scope.

We work to review and identify the specific operations to meet your goals, and if needed, perform an on-site evaluation.

Our goal is to ensure that all of your short-term and long-term needs are met.


Project Planning

You receive a quote which meets your budget and timeline, and fulfills all of the project’s goals and on-site tasks.

We ensure all of our on-site staff have the correct certifications, and produce a safe dive procedure plan to meet the specific regulation requirements for the project.


Execution & Delivery

Once you sign off on the project plan, our divers, supervisors and management work diligently to execute the plan to our highest standards.

Following the completion of the project, you receive a detailed report of project accomplishments, and our professional feedback and recommendations for your dive needs.

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